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Cricoteka, the Centre for the Documentation of the Art of Tadeusz Kantor was founded by the artist himself as early as in 1980. For almost ten years, the Institution has been the cornerstone of Kantor’s avant-garde theatre, as well as a ‘living archive’ of his theatrical creation. The new home of Cricoteka was opened in 2014 and remains the biggest art institution in Poland dedicated to an individual artist.

Cricoteka invites all the participants of Krakow Live Festival to visit our new seat at Nadwiślańska 2-4 Street to see the 3rd Episode of the permanent exhibition dedicated to Tadeusz Kantor’s art and temporary exhibition of the Second Group We’d Done All That Was To Be Done which presents photographic and film documentation of performances, objects as well as the reconstructions of happenings. Additional video materials are available in the Tadeusz Kantor’s Gallery-Studio at Sienna 7/5 Street. Free entrance for persons with festival wristband or valid ticket.

The day before Krakow Live Festival Cricoteka invites to one of the concerts from the Polyphonies Open Stage series. 17th of August at 9 p.m. artistic duo Marcin Janus / Grzegorz Kaliszuk will present the music performance at Cricoteka’s square. The performance is a combination of electronic sounds with interactive mapping, actively involving the public. The western wall of the Cricoteka, on the side of the courtyard, will be used as a background for the mapping. This is also where a surround sound system will be set up. For a moment the building will become an instrument shaping selected parts of the musical piece. Free entrance.

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