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Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick Lamar

It won’t be overstatement if we say that Kendrick Lamar is today at the top in the music world. From the poor Compton in Los Angeles he reached the place destined only for the greatest in the music. Even more incredible is the fact that Kendrick Lamar’s phenomenal run of luck lasts for over 5 years now, since the “Good Kid, M.A.A.D. City” release, which was a breakthrough album as well for his career, as for the entire genre. Within just a few months, Dr. Dre’s ward became a member of hip-hop first league and has no one to lose against. His albums are an excellent example of mixing an artistic quality and a commercial success, as well as collaboration with other artists and maintaining fully individual style, modesty and convenience of own value and the strength of his own voice. And Kendrick Lamar’s voice is heard everywhere today. In the TV news, during the prestige awards galas or at the stadiums filled to every single last seat. No wonder, that even the previous USA president, Barack Obama turned out to be Lamar’s great fan, describing Lamar as his favourite rapper and regularly placing his songs on the playlists he used to publish.

Kendrick’s rap is heard not only on his great albums, but also in the songs by pop artists, who are honoured to have a verse rapped by K-Dot, among them there are Maroon 5 and Taylor Swift. Such collaboration is balanced with support for those, who just begin their great carriers. In 2017 he was a guest on SZA’s debut album “Ctrl”, released in the same label that Lamar is associated with for years. The duet is currently promoting their joint record, which is featured on the soundtrack to “Black Panther” movie. 2018 has just began, and we already know, that it may be the year of Kendrick Lamar.

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