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He is one of the top Polish rappers, that’s why his surprising, last year’s comeback was the event commented by many in the hip hop world. Everyone has been waiting for this moment, which is reflected by the numbers – 10 thousand sold copies of the single – album certified gold and video viewed 4 million times. Even if the whole material won’t be published right away, Pezet won’t become any less popular thanks to his unique style and few albums in his discography that are the keystone of Polish hip hop. Pezet has many important records, featurings and own productions on his account, the fans can expect a  concert with greatest hits from his discography. It will be even more important as this will be his first performance in Kraków in almost a year!


Ten Typ Mes

Mes’s everyday life consists of concerts, recording albums, cooperation with the top Polish musicians, running his label, and clothing brand etc.  Ten Typ Mes is a versatile artist with 10 albums on his account (two of them certified gold) loosely mixing rap with electronic, g-funk and jazz. His recent solo album “AŁA” was released at the end of the past year and was promoted by a record with Dawid Posiadło. Mes has a special approach to his live performances, as he is accompanied by a group of musicians on stage, which gives his music a new energy. It’s worth seeing this!


Pablopavo i Ludziki

"It’s a mildly youthful music” that is what Pablopavo said about his brand new album with Ludziki. He corrects himself with a statement that it’s a pop album with pretty melodies. We could not agree more, as “Ladionola” is an album that stays in the listener’s head for a long time, just as the previous original Pablopavo’s propositions, who skillfully with more and more fans manoeuvres between the urban legends and alternative.


Piotr Zioła

Although Piotr Zioła’s debut album "Revolving Door” was kept in the stylistics of the entertainment music from ’50 and ’60, the next decisions of this artist show his universality. Firstly he collaborated with Rysy at “Przyjmij brak” and then he was featured on the “Bilet” record produced by Flirtini. Both were a huge success. Great reviews of his debut album, popularity in the radio and winning the Fryderyk prize for the “Phonographic Debut of the Year” only prove that Piot Zioła accordingly to the Flirtini’s song lyrics has the ticket to the top.


Ralph Kaminski

Ralph Kaminski is a vocalist, writer and composer creating original music that refers to the art pop with elements of film music, with the sound of the piano and violin. His debut album “Morze” was a commercial success and most of all it was well accepted by the press and was even mentioned as the album of the year in some summaries. Ralph Kaminski will perform in Kraków with the band My Best Band in the World, that comprises of: Agnieszka Bigaj (piano), Paweł Izdebski (acoustic guitar and ukulele), Piotr Lewańczyk (bass guitar, moog), Magdalena Laskowska (violin), Michał Piotrowski (drums), Katarzyna Sylla (violin), Kuba Jakubowski (cello).



Bovska was one of the most popular debutants of 2016. Her debut album was sold out within 2 days after the premiere. The album went viral even before the premiere and reached great popularity.  The album “Kaktus” was also certified gold and was nominated for Fryderyk prize as “Phonographic Debut of the Year”. Less than a year after the release of her first album the artist presented her second album to the world – “Pysk” that is being described as the energy, darkness and light mixed with light and rhythmic beats. The subtle vocals often become harsh.



Mateusz Holak used to play in Małe Miasta, although he decided to go solo and begun with a success. His single „Wszędzie dobrze gdzie nas nie ma” is one of the alternative summer anthems. The record can be found on the album “The Introvert” that may be only found among the music magazines as the album was released in a form of a magazine with a CD.In Kraków we’ll see Holak with the complete live band and a VJ.


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