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Wiz Khalifa to play Kraków Live Festival! 2017-04-13

He must be the only rapper in the world that has a day dedicated to his name which was set for December 12 by the officials from Pittsburgh, his hometown. This nice and honorable distinction is one of many on Wiz Khalifa’s account, who is now the top-league of hip-hop. It’s enough to mention the video for single “See You Again”, recorded on the occasion of the “The Fast and the Furious 7” movie premiere, that was viewed more than two and a half billion times on YouTube. The single itself was #1 on the American singles chart for twelve consecutive weeks, becoming the greatest world hit of 2015. The domination on music charts is reflected in Internet reality – on social media Wiz is followed by a huge number of 85 million fans in total! Only last year Wiz released his solo album „Khalifa”; a collaboration with Juicy J labeled by TGOD Mafia and two singles which were not featured on the album, including the song for “Suicide Squad” movie, that became an international hit instantly. He has planned the premiere of his brand new album “Rolling Papers 2” for the upcoming months. Currently, he has started another collaboration on the next movie from the series “The Fast and the Furious” – he works on the single “Gang Up”. Let’s not forget about Wiz’s main hit “Black & Yellow”, which was given a brand new life thanks to the combination with a unique character which is Batman in a movie “The Lego Batman Movie”. Because of all these reasons we are sure that his performance in Kraków won’t lack attractions.

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