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Thanks to cooperation with Mastercard® - sponsor and technology partner of the festival - in KRAKÓW LIVE Festival you pay with your own payment cards, contactless phones or special payment bands with the Mastercard contactless technology.

We support the idea of cashless festival and we make sure that transactions are fast and secure.

1. Will you be able to pay with vouchers this year?

It will not be possible. This year, only cashless transactions will be available at the festival area.

2. What payment cards will be accepted on the festival?

Payment cards of different operators are accepted.


1. What is a payment band?

Payment band, in the form of a silicone bracelet with a card, plays the function of a payment card, which after topping up makes it possible to pay contactless.


1. To be able to pay with your payment band outside of the festival, it needs to be registered. Unregistered payment band works only at the festival field.

2. Unregistered payment band is free of charge until September 30th 2019. If payment band is not registered until after the deadline, fee of 1 PLN will be deducted monthly. To avoid 1 PLN fee user must register his payment band.

3. If unregistered payment band is debited 0 PLN, mentioned above fee is not applicable.

2. Where can I get a payment band?

You can get a free payment band at the festival field at service points of payment bands (at the festival map those service points are marked as payment band). When receiving your payment band you will be asked to top it up for the first time with the minimum amount of 30 PLN. Further top-ups don’t have minimal amount.

3. Where can you check the balance of the payment band?

You can check the balance of your payment band at Service Points of payment bands, balancemeters and at the site www.opaska.alterart.plor in festival mobile app.

4. How much does it cost to use the payment band during and after the festival?

The use of registered payment band is free of charge.If payment band is not registered until September 30th 2019, as of October 1st 2019, a fee of 1 PLN will be deducted monthly.

The details regarding ATM withdrawal and payments abroad can be found in Terms and Conditions which you will receive together with the payment band or check it at

5. Paying with the payment band, do I have to enter my PIN at each transaction?

With transactions up to 50 PLN  no PIN is required. Contactless payments for amounts exceeding 50 PLN can be made only with a registered payment band, providing a pre-defined PIN. After registering your payment band you will have the possibility to pay outside of the festival field.

6.  Does the validity date of the card in the band expire when the Festival ends?

With registered payment band you can pay during your everyday shopping and on the web until April 30th 2022.

7. Who operates the bands and payments made with them?

The innovative contactless bands are the effect of cooperation of Mastercard, the Festival’s partner, DiPocket, payment band operator. All technical issues associated with the operation of the payment bands, including their issue, registration, top-up, refund of money or resolution of any problems are handled by DiPocket, using its application. 


1. How can I top up the payment band?

At the festival field you can top up unregistered payment band at service points of payment bands.  To be able to top-up your payment band with the festival app, the band should be registered at www.opaska.alterart.pland toped up by online transfer or added to user profile payment card issued by any other bank.

2.  Can the payment band be topped up only in PLN?

Using the Festival app or payment card, you can top up the band in any currency. But remember that your bank may charge additional fees, for example, for currency conversion (the payment band account is a PLN account).

3. Can I withdraw money from my payment band which I haven’t spent during the Festival?

Yes. You can use the money remaining on the payment band, after the payment band has been registered, in all points of offering contactless payments or withdraw the money by bank transfer, after logging into your profile and providing the details of the recipient’s account (the transfer can be made free of charge to a PLN account in Poland or to a EUR account for a fee of PLN 2,00). Should you have any questions or concerns regarding withdrawal of the money please contact the DiPocket Customer Service, sending an email to or calling +48 22 209 2555

On the festival field will be dedicated places for payment band return. Payment return points will be open from 22:00 to 02:00 (till the end of the festival day). You don’t have to register your payment band to receive payment return. 

4. What should I do if I order and top up the payment band before the festival, but will I change my mind or not participate in the festival?

All you have to do is log in to the band on or in the festival application using the phone number and password set during registration and send funds via bank transfer by entering the relevant recipient account details.


1. Why is it worth registering your payment band?

Thanks to registering your payment band you get additional benefits. You can use a registered band to:

 - free of charge payment band usage outside of the festival field (unregistered payment bands will be charged 1 PLN monthly fee after October 1st 2019). Important: if your payment band has balance of 0 PLN, monthly fee will not be charged.

- make contactless payments outside of the festival field in all point of sale with the Mastercard Contactless sign. With transactions up to PLN 50 no PIN is required. Contactless payments for amounts exceeding PLN 50 can be made providing a PIN pre-defined during the registration

- pay with the payment band until April 20th 2022 

- make purchases on-line - the card number in the payment band can be found after logging into the profile at www.opaska.alterart.plor in the festival application

- block your payment band in case you lose it

- top it up conveniently by adding another card to the profile

- review transactions history

- change the PIN and access password

- check the full number, date of validity and the CVV code of the card for online payments

- withdraw the money remaining on the card by transfer

2. How can I register my payment band?

Register you payment band at the site: www.opaska.alterart.plor in the festival app. The registration requires providing some basic data, such as your first name and surname, date of birth, e-mail and residential address. Registration is available to persons who have turned 18.

At the time of registration of the payment band the participant receives a text with the PIN code to the Mastercard card in the band, which can verified and changed free of charge after logging into your profile.

3. Can I register my payment band after the festival is over?

 Yes. After the festival is over you can register your payment band at any moment to be able to pay with it at any point of sale where contactless payments are available including e-commerce. You can register your payment band at Please remember that to avoid month fee of 1 PLN you need to register your payment band before September 30th 2019. As of October 1st 2019, a  fee of 1 PLN will be deducted monthly. If you register your payment band after October 1st 2019, the fee will be removed in the following months.


1. I’ve lost my payment band. What can I do?

If the payment band has been registered, it can be blocked by logging into your profile at You can withdraw the money remaining on the band by bank transfer, after logging into your profile and providing the details of the recipient’s account (the transfer can be made free of charge to a PLN account in Poland or to a EUR account for a fee of PLN 2,00). 

To release your phone number and e-mail address for the need to order a new payment band during this year's festival, please contact DiPocket directly via e-mail: The possibility of receiving a new band is dependent on the availability of bands.

If the lost payment band has not been registered there is no possibility of recovering the money accumulated on it.

2. How can I change/recover the PIN code to the card in the payment band?

You can do this by logging into your profile at opaska.alterart.plif the band has been registered and a PIN code has been assigned by a text message.Change of the PIN is free of charge.

3. How can I use payment band if I don’t have the internet access and cant login into festival app?

You can do to the service points of payment bands to top-up your payment band (cash only), check your balance, PIN and transaction history.

4. My payment card is not accepted in festival app when I try to top-up my payment band. What can I do?

In this case you should contact your issuing bank or use another payment to complete the transaction. You can also withdraw cash from ATM at the festival and top up your payment band at the at Service Points of payment bands.

5.My payment band does not work. What should I do?

Please go to the Service Points of payment bands at the festival where you will be able to receive technical support.

6. Refunds for reusable Heineken cup on your payment band.

The refund will be settled instantly on the account assigned to your payment band. If you do not receive your refund within the expected deadline, please contact DiPocket directly via e-mail: remember to keep the receipt confirmation of the refund. Additional information can be obtained by calling +48 22 209 2555 (between 8-20 CET).

7.  I would like to lodge a complaint. Where can I do that?

Complaints may be submitted in the service points of payment bands, where authorized persons have the option of checking the transaction and accepting the complaint. Complaints may be filed at the Payment Band Service Points between 14:00 and 02:00, as well as by sending a complaint notification to the e-mail address:  Additional information can be obtained by calling +48 22 209 2555 (between 8-20 CET).