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Due to great interest in Kraków Live Festival, you’ll receive the decission of granted accreditations before July 31, 2019.We want to remind you:

  • Materials created as a result of free, personal journalist/partner accreditation cannot be branded with a logo orthird party’s sponsor indicationwithout the written consent of all parties.
  • Media accreditations for journalists for all the events organised by Alter Art agency can only be submitted according to instructions outlined at the websites of the agency in the MEDIA section as well as in the accreditation forms.
  • Our agency may contact with the journalists via the following e-mail addresses: or
  • Application for accreditation does not require any fees.
  • We also want to warn you about the fraud attempts in this matter, please feel free to contact us in case of any doubts via the e-mail addresses mentioned above.


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