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New dates for KLF 2021

New dates for KLF 2021

Dear Festival Goers,

There will be no Krakow Live Festival this year.

Just a few weeks ago we were ready to announce the line-up, everything  looked to be fairly buttoned up. We were smiling to the future and we had a vision of two phenomenal days with music in Krakow. At the same time, we were watching closely the development of the worrying situation in Poland and in the world. And although we knew that it cannot be excluded, until the last days we could not imagine that summer festivals would not take place.

Unfortunately, in the face of the epidemic crisis, which paralyzes the whole world, an absolute concern for the safety of you, artists and all employees makes organization of KLF impossible. We give you this information with a heavy heart, but this is the reality of 2020.

Although the world provides us with many unknowns today, we promise - Krakow Live Festival will return even stronger and the music will be even more thrilling. After a long separation we will meet again, enjoying even more thrilling music, freedom and the fact that we are just together! Meanwhile, take care of yourself and your loved ones. See you in August 2021!