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  • The festival area is open on August 19 and 20 from 4:00 PM until 2:30 AM.

  • There is no dedicated car park for the public at the festival. We encourage you to use the P + R car parks and come to the festival by public transport.


    P+R Czerwone Maki

    P+R Kurdwanów

    P+R Bieżanów

    P+R Mały Płaszów

    P+R Mydlniki Wapiennik


    The "Muzeum Lotnictwa" tram stop is the closest to the entrance. We provide free return buses that run between 10:30pm - 03:00am from the stop at Jana Pawła II Avenue to the Cracow center - "K + R Pawia" stop

  • All people under 15 years of age must be under the care of an adult guardian at the Event area (more info in the Festival Terms and Conditions). Guardians are obliged to fill in an adequate declaration available (in case of a parent/legal guardian download here – PDF file, in case of a person authorised by the parent/legal guardian download here – PDF file. Declarations are also available in tickets-to-wristband exchange points). Holding or filling in the form at the festival area by an under aged person does not give the minor under 15th year of age the right to independently enter the event area.

  • Yes, definitely! Considering your own safety it’s worth having an ID with you. Additionally such document will allow our staff to verify the age of participants under 18th year of age, entitled to independently enter the festival area. (point 5. and 11. of the Terms and Conditions of the Event). In the case of children holding a ticket with discount or entitled to free admission to the festival, parents or carers of the children are obliged to present the document confirming child’s age.

  • If you don’t have a national ID, you can take any other valid photo ID, e.g. passport, driving licence or student card.

  • We recommend you to arrive to the venue in advance as many people will come to the festival, therefore planning the last minute trip might make you miss the concert of your favourite artist.

  • No food or drinks are allowed to the festival area. You can buy meals and groceries in the catering areas and stalls at the festival.

  • Yes! There is a deposit point at the entrance for the public. In the deposit you can leave items that you are not allowed to bring to the venue. This point also works as a lost-and-found office. The deposit costs PLN 20 per item.

  • This year, the festival will feature two stages: Main Stage and Kraków Stage.

  • At the festival there will be such facilities for persons with disabilities as:

    - volunteer assistance at the entrance from Al. Jana Pawła II;

    - dedicated parking lot in front of the entrance from Al. Jana Pawła II;

    - dedicated ticket-to-wristband exchange point;

    - special wide gates dedicated to persons at wheelchairs located at the main entrance from Al. Jana Pawła II;

    - view platforms for the privileged located next to the two main stages;

    - an accessible toilets located next to each platform for the privileged and in toilet areas;

    - hardened way leading to the view platforms for the privileged;

    - big part of the festival site is located on the concrete surface, which enables moving around on the wheelchair;

    - ATM at the festival will be available to people with disabilities (people in wheelchairs, blind or visually impaired).

  • There will be special platforms at the festival area, which apart from the persons with disabilities, can be also used by the pregnant women. Due to the nature of the event (i.a. the volume of the sound and the number of participants, especially near the stage area) we ask the future mums to think over their participation in the festival thoroughly.

  • Yes, you can take photos, but only for your private use and only with a camera in your mobile phone. You cannot bring in professional cameras, camcorders and audio-video recording equipment, or to bring photographic equipment which might be used for professional reasons, e.g. cameras with interchangeable lens and/or zoom over 6x is forbidden. Tripods and the so-called "selfie sticks" are not allowed and photos must be taken for personal use only. Taking photos should not obstruct the view of other audience members.

  • Bringing photo cameras, film cameras or any other equipment recording audio-video (including GoPro), professional photo analog cameras or cameras with interchangeable lenses, own food and drinks, dangerous items (knives, sharp tools, gas, gun, laser pointers etc.), alcohol, drugs, selfie sticks, drones, tripods or large umbrellas with metal or wooden parts is prohibited. Festival goers can bring a small, folding umbrella.

  • Yes, you can have a small power bank (that fits in one hand) with you.

  • Persons whose health condition requires serving special medicines, can bring the medicines necessary for them, medical accessories to serve the medicines, food and drinks, however it is required to present a medical certificate about the necessity of having the medicines with you. Bringing your own food and drinks is possible only when it comes to the strict diets confirmed with medical certificate. Your food should be stored in a way which is compatible with the regulations contained in Terms and Conditions of the Festival and Muse special concert (drinks in cans, glass bottles or vacuum flasks are forbidden). Persons with diabetes can bring with them a sachets with fluid glucose, available in every pharmacy.

  • No, you can show your electronic tickets in order to exchange it to wristband.

  • At the festival area you'll be able to pay with your card, mobile phone and Alter Art prepaid card.

  • You will be able to withdraw money from the ATM machine, located in the festival city.